Friday, January 30, 2009

Building the Church

When I speak of building the Church, I am not talking about constructing a building for worship. The Church is the people of God. No building is really necessary. Of course you can do more if you have a meeting place, can't you?

Now just how exactly do you build the Church? How do you "create" more Christians? Is it by spreading the word (like I have been talking about)? Is it by advertising? (Is that a form of evangelism)? Is it by our deeds and our works?

Remember that song "And they'll all know we're Christians by our love"?

Folks I have mentioned this several times, your comments are welcome here! (I know that some people read this because sometimes I will get a comment via email or when I see a friend in person. Would love to have you comments right here on these pages too so that others can respond and form a discussion.

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