Thursday, January 22, 2009


There are many reasons to say thank you and many ways to do it. To look at me you might not think I have much reson for being grateful about much of anything, but you would be wrong. God has been so good - blessing me with family and friends and many wonderful gifts!

This week I saw a friend who I rarely get together with anymore. He and his partner of many years took my to dinner. A simple quiet evening with friends. Thanks to them both! It was lovely.

I just received an email from a friend who noticed Iwas limping. "Had I hurt myself," she inquired. Added to that was her offer of help. How wonderful when we take the time to care about each other! Thanks!

Last Sunday I was part of an election. Some folks voted for me. Thanks!

My mom is ALWAYS doing wonderful thinks for me and also for my friends. She has very littlein the way of material things, but somehow always finds money, time, resources to give to me, my sister and to others. Thanks Mom!

I have even heard people saying thinks to each other more than usual these days. That is so encouraging. (Lovely dress! Thanks! - Here's a book I think you will enjoy. Thanks! - I'd be happy to work your shift tomorrow. Thanks!)

To God be thanks forever and ever!

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