Friday, January 23, 2009

Episcopal Church Quiz

I have mentioned here on many occasions that I belong to the Episcopal Church. Some of you readers might be Episcopalians too. How much though do you know about the Episcopal Church? Here's a handy quiz for you. Answer true or false to each question. You can't cheat because I won't post the answers until tomorrow. Good luck!

1. Only a priest or bishop can baptize.
2. No one shall be ordained priest until reaching the age of 21
3. It is perfectly appropriate that parents be included as godparents in a baptism.
4. The mandatory retirement age for clergy is 68.
5. A diocese may elect up to four Suffragan bishops.
6. The Vestry, as a body, is the legal agent for the parish in all matters concerning its corporate property and relations of the parish to the clergy.
7. The date for Easter in the year 1953 was April 5th.
8. The Ministers of the church are all people over the age of 18
9. There is no provision in the Book of Common Prayer for making a private confession to a priest.
10. No one shall be ordained and consecrated bishop until the attainment of 30 years of age.

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