Saturday, July 04, 2009

DAY 47: DADT Update

Today is Independence Day. How many lgbt Americans are really independent? How many of us are truly free? There have been lgbt soldiers throughout our country's history, but in order to service in the military, they have always had to hide.

We have to stand up for what we believe in like MTV’s Tila Tequila did when she told President Barack Obama that he needs to repeal “Don’t ask/Don’t tell.” In a blog that Tequila wrote yesterday , she calls Lt. Dan Choi, “a hero to many of us in the human rights movement,” who was kicked out of the Army after publically announcing that he was homosexual. “Being an openly bisexual woman myself and having a lot of close gay friends, I have always HATED that policy,” Tila tells.

Right on Tila! We need more folks like this to speak the truth! On this Fourth of July let us all say ENOUGH! If we truly believe that all are created equal, we need to show it! Don't Ask/Don't Tell MUST end! Discrimination against lgbt people MUST end! Everyone must be treated equally!

Let freedom ring!

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