Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't Hide

Yesterday I was a participant in AIDS Walk SF once again, and instead of wearing one of the AIDS Walk shirts, I wore a Don't Hide shirt. Someone said, "Oh that's for the repeal of Prop 8." Well it got us talking. The shirt was made actually to support Lt. Dan Choi (and yes, it is he who is wearing it in the picture here, not me) and it is about ending Don't Ask/Don't Tell. As I got to thinking about it though I realized it can be so much more. Thanks to Dan's wonderful sister Grace for making these shirts and also making some people yesterday think and talk.

DADT says gays can serve IF they lie and IF they hide. We say NO! We should be able to be who we are! We should not have to be dishonest. (Do we really want to teach people to lie anyway)? We should not have to hide!

One more reason to end DADT - it's the honest thing to do!

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