Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DAY 57: DADT Update

Over the weekend hs was on CNN and Anderson Cooper asked why his administration had not moved on that promise that it would overturn the DADT policy begun back during the Clinton years.

OMABA: "I've had conversations with Bob Gates as well as Admiral Mullen about the fact that I want to see this law change. I also want to make sure that we are not simply ignoring a congressional law. If Congress passes a law that is constitutionally valid, then it's not appropriate for the Executive Branch simply to say we will not enforce a law. It is our duty to enforce laws. But look, the bottom line is, I want to see this changed, and we've already contacted congressional allies. I want to make sure that it's changed in a way that ultimately works well for our military and for the outstanding gay and lesbian soldiers that are both currently enlisted or would like to enlist."

COOPER: "Do you personally have a timetable in your mind of when you would like to see [the law] changed?"

OBAMA: "I'd like to see it done sooner rather than later, and we've got a process to not only work it through Congress, but also to make sure that the Pentagon has thought through all the ramifications of how this would be most effective."

Notice that Obama is saying change, not repeal. Obama also seems to now be saying he thinks the military's discrimination and bigoted DADT policy is constitutional. (Remember that in the anti-gay DOMA brief he also said that DOMA is constitutional).

I am NOT a legal expert, but I strongly believe (and experts have also said this) that the president has the authority to suspend "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" with the stroke of a pen. Obama could simply issue an Executive Order. Congress could of course end it too. So far though: NOTHING! The president, back when he was campaigning, indicated he would end it. He hasn't. He has been in office for six months!

My suggestion: keep spreading the word. Talk to the common folks you come in contact with and also write letter to friends and family. Tell them you think DADT is unfair and unjust. (How about just plain wrong?)

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