Tuesday, July 07, 2009

DAY 50: DADT Update

If this is your first time reading this, DADT stands for Don't Ask/Don't Tell, the ridiculous policy of our US military that excludes gays and lesbians. This policy needs to be repealed and that is what we write about here each day. We have written in particular here about Lt. Daniel Choi. Your support for him has been amazing - 162,741 people signed Lt. Choi's letter to the Army and then 141,262 people signed Lt. Choi's letter to President Obama. Combined, more than 300,000 signatures were collected on his behalf and were submitted as "Exhibit E: Courage Campaign" to the Army. I think that is pretty great! Lt. Choi needs some more help though and so I hope you will sign once again, if you have not already - this time to the Speaker of the House. Click HERE to do that.

We need to keep up with this, and not just for Dan. We need to let our President and our Congress know how we feel. Even if you have already signed petitions, have you written any letters? Have you spoken to your senators and congressperson? Have you talked to friends and realtives and asked them to write? The more we communicate, there better the chance is!

"Nothing is more infuriating than Obama's refusal to act on Don't Ask/Don't Tell . . . discrimination in our armed forces carries a potent symbolism: It tells an entire class of people that the country is not interested in their service." -The New Republic in an editorial this week.

Keep it up my friends!

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