Wednesday, July 08, 2009

DAY 51: DADT Update

Congressman Patrick Murphy, an Iraq War veteran who earned a Bronze Star, has become the lead sponsor of a bill that would finally lift the ban on openly gay personnel serving in the military and put an end to DADT. "It is vital to our national security," he said to The Morning Call newspaper. "We have troops that are fighting in two wars and we need every qualified able-bodied individual who is able to serve."

Congresswoman Ellen Taucher, who is leaving Congress to take a position with the Obama administration, was the leading sponsor of the bill when it was reintroduced to Congress earlier this year. It currently has 150 cosponsors in the House. The President has said he does not want to repeal the ban by Executive Order (although he didn't exactly say that during the campaign), but he does say he wants it ended, so we can assume he will sign this bill.

Let your congressperson know how YOU feel! Write letters my friends! I keep saying this, but it really does make a difference!

A recent Gallup poll shows that more than two thirds of Americans - 69% in fact, favor lifting the ban; 26% remain opposed. Bisexual reality TV star Tila Tequila recently wrote in her blog that DADT should be ended. A 29-year-old gay sailor was found dead at California's Camp Pendleton last week - nothing has indicated whether or not DADT played any role in his death. Lt. Dan Choi continues his quest to keep his job after coming out on national tv. Virtually everyone who meets Dan or hears him speak, is supportive.

There is overwhelming reason to end DADT. What are we waiting for?

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