Friday, August 15, 2008

And they'll all know we're Christians by our __________

Not everyone I know is an Episcopalian, nor is everyone I know even a Christian. Sometimes non-Christians are amazed that I might want to be a priest. "My church is better than yours" is the kind of mentality that many have, sadly. Of course there is also the constant bickering about ordaining women or gays or those who have been divorced (remember earlier this month at Lambeth?) A few nights ago I was so pleased to be present at a REAL Christian gathering! No arguing or bickering or judging others. EVERYONE was welcome! We prayer together in church and then shared a potluck supper. There was wonderful conversation and there was genuine love and respect. It was quite wonderful. One of those present was a visiting seminarian from another country, so I was especially pleased that this gathering was so warm and kind. I wasn't surprised though - I know these folks and they are always this way. They are the way we always hope all Christians will be! Thanks be to God.

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