Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fear Not

An angel suddenly appears and the words are always the same "Fear not." I'm not sure that is always the easiest thing to do. For the past two years I have been underemployed - working at a much lower rate of pay then I need to survive. I will save for weeks at a time and then blow everything by eating our in restaurants. I am often behind with my bills. Next week my mom and sister are coming for a visit and so naturally I want to have a bit of money to spend, but my pockets are empty. Actually tomorrow is payday but I will need that money to pay my rent a week later and I have only $100 right now, so my paycheck will not be enough to cover rent. Then of course there is the little matter of eating for the next two weeks. Right now I need about $500 that I do not have! (WOW! I Really got behind this time)! Here is the thing, though: while I should be scared to death, I'm not. The angel didn't even have to say fear not.

Now I certainly see homelessness and I would not fare too well if I ended up out on the street, but I trust in God. Is it silly for me to be so trusting? Should I be scared? I believe that things will turn out well for me. I pray that I am right.

Do any of you have fears? If someone said "Fear not," would that help?

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