Friday, August 29, 2008

Who is the most inspirational person???

Who do you think the most inspirational person in the world is? A politician? A clergyperson? An actor? This question came to mind because I was thinking about Del Martin who died earlier this week (and whom I wrote about on Wednesday). Might she have been the most inspirational? What about Al Gore or Elizabeth II or the Archbishop of Canterbury or your own spouse or child?
Now let's make that same question even more difficult. Not just who is the most inspirational perosn alive today, but how about the most inspirational of all time? What name comes to mind? Jesus? Ghandi? Martin Luther King, Jr? Winston Churchill? Too difficult to narrow it down to just one person?

Think about it though. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to give me ideas in the form of comments here. Who do you think is most inspirational?

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Michael + said...

Well since nobody else is commenting, I guess I will post my own. Many people have inspired my over the years, and as in my question, Jesus was certainly one of them. Blessed Paul the Apostle is also on the "all time" list. Who currently? Well high on my list is a friend of mine named Bonnie (I know, none of you know her) and a bit more well known - Lance Bass.