Sunday, August 24, 2008

Do it with grace

I just got home from Grace Cathedral. There is something about that space - the giant Ghiberti Doors, the stained glass windows, the tower, the murals, the quiet peacefulness of the Chapel of Grace (where I have frequently sat in silence before weekday services), and of course the wonderful sound of the organ and the various choirs. This is a place where you can certainly connect your faith. Now I am not a member there (I am quite involved in life at Advent of Christ the King), but I do enjoy visiting on a regular basis.

I have to mention that Grace Cathedral is not just a big church. It is so connected with life in every way. The clergy there are so energized and inspirational. (One in particular, the Rev Will Scott - a link to his blog can be found here on this page and a recent sermon of his can be found HERE). There is Christian education, various guilds, forums, music programs, a jail ministry, a program to feed the homeless, and on and on. This really is an engaged community!

What a joy it is visiting my Grace Cathedral friends. There is another grace that I want to tell you about today as well. Before meals most people say a prayer which is commonly called grace, but now there is more when you speak of grace before meals.
Founded by Father Leo Patalinghug three years ago, Grace Before Meals has grown from a very simple idea to a worldwide movement. The principle is that the simple act of creating and sharing a meal can strengthen all kinds of relationships. They have a website that gives you a lot more information (and even recipes). Go to

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