Tuesday, April 21, 2009


First of all let me point out there is but ONE God. Now let's look just at those who call themselves Christians. (Yes I know you thought I was going to say something about other denominations, but not today). There was a time when the Church was one. Yes, there had been heresies, defections, and departures but, for the most part, for a thousand years there was the “one holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.”

In 1054, in an event known as “The Great Schism,” the Christian Church was torn asunder and the Western Church and the Eastern Church were divorced from each other, though both continued to claim title to the “one holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.”

A half millennia later, the Church was again rocked by division and the fragmentation begun in the Protestant Reformation has continued to the present time.

Today, there are some 28,000 denominations that hold, more or less, to the basic essentials of the Christian faith. The Episcopal Church, of which I am a part, is but one of them.

Last week I spoke a lot about some practices of the Roman Catholic Church and I also spoke a couple of times about a wonderful priest, who also happens to be Roman Catholic. Don't let that mislead you. I am still an Episcopalian. I don't think for a second though that "We" are right and "They" are wrong. There are many ways to worship. I am excited that so many are bringing people to God. Do not forget though the most important thing (that I said here at the beginning) - There is only ONE God.

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