Friday, April 17, 2009

More about Father Leo

Boy did I get a lot of email yesterday about my blog! (Still nobody writes comments here and the "lot" that I mention was actually only two, but two is a lot considering that nobody usually writes). Anyway, someone wrote "there should be more priests like Father Leo." All I can say is Amen to that!

I really enjoy his weekly emailings - very newsy and very inspirational. Of course being such a food person myself, I also really enjoy his Grace Before Meals. He has started doing a weekly question and answer there and I thought this one is particularly good (even though Lent is over):

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Q: Dear Fr. Leo – One of your recipes calls for chicken broth. Is that allowed on meat-less Fridays? I've wondered about that for many years. - Janet
A: Good question. Technically you should use a non-meat broth for meatless Fridays. A great substitute is veggie broth.

This would be good of course for the ordinary Fridays during the year for those who abstain from meat and also for vegetatians. Maybe a lot of what Father Leo says is common sense - like the importance of eating together. But here is the thing: FEW PEOPLE ARE SAYING IT, AND EVEN FEWER ARE DOING IT!

So, thank God for Father Leo. May his ministry bring us all closer to each other, and closer to God! Alleluia!

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