Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jesus is laid in the tomb

Yesterday was quite wonderful as I joined Episcopalians from a couple of different churches walking the Way of the Cross, and stopping to pray with and for people, places, and agencies which represent Jesus’ values of peace, love, and humility here in the city where I live. We also made stops at places of violence, praying for all those who have suffered in our community this year. People on the street came and joined us and it really felt like we were bringing the message of Good Friday to people who might not normally hear it.

Now we come to Holy Saturday, called Easter Eve in some churches. There are more processions likely tonight.

The common practice in many churches is to hold a vigil in the evening and to include in this the blessing and lighting of a tall Paschal candle. While blessing, five grains of incense are fixed in it, representing the five wounds of Jesus and the burial spices with which his body was anointed. The candle is lit remains at least until Ascension Day (in many churches until Pentecost). Baptisms are also common at Easter and often they are done on Holy Saturday, either at the vigil or earlier in the day.

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