Monday, April 27, 2009

Gay faces on television

As a gay man (yeah I know, you probably forgot I'm gay because I don't talk about it much), I am aware of the lack of gay faces on television, particularly in advertising. Things are slowing changing though when it comes to gay women and that is a really good thing.

During the Super Bowl back in January, an out lesbian was one of the "faces" of AVON. Openly gay Ellen DeGeneres has starred in some of the most hilarious and memorable commercials ever produced by American Express (like the one pictured here). Rocker Melissa Ethridge and her wife Tammy Lynn Etheridge have been pitch persons for Cartier. Of course Martina Navratilova has done tv spots for years. Oh yeah and I almost forgot and out actress Jane Lynch (of Best in Show) is co-starring with Julia Louis Dryfus in a new slate of funny Healthy Choice commercials.

What about the men though? How many gay men do we see? For that matter, where are the performance in programs by gay men? Oh we have Neil Patrick Harris but that's about it.

Any thoughts??

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