Friday, April 03, 2009

The Passion of Our Lord

A week from today is Good Friday. Two days from now is Palm Sunday. Our Lenten observance is drawing to a close, and this is the most important part - the last days as we approach Easter.

On Palm Sunday our Lord resolves to ride into Jerusalem and expose Himself publicly, even though He realized the dangers as the Jewish religious leaders have been clamouring for His arrest, especially after the raising of Lazarus from the dead. From the Roman Governor’s view, this was a dangerous time to keep peace and order with the impending Jewish Passover festival and the last thing the Roman authorities wanted was a riot stirred up by religious fanaticism. So when Christ enters Jerusalem the atmosphere is tense.

Our church services on Palm Sunday are a kind of mixed bag. We begin with joy but quickly move to sorrow as we preview the Passion of our Lord. Maundy Thursday (Roman Catholics call it Holy Thursday) is a similar mood. An even greater joy begins our services and then we end in solemn silence as we move in to Good Friday.

Let us all meditate of the words of Scripture in these coming days and may we seriously contemplate the meaning of Holy Week. May it being us ever closer to our God.

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Michael said...

Good post. Hope you will post more of your reflections during Holy Week.