Thursday, February 26, 2009

About Giving

Do you ever feel you want to give, but just aren’t sure how to do it? Perhaps you can relate to what I am about to say.

For five years I was the Evening Prayer coordinator at my parish and I still officiate at least once a week. I am a former altar guild member, and continue to serve as a lector, usher, greeter, and acolyte. I am serving on the vestry (board of directors) for the second time and have represented my parish as both a delegate and an alternate to Diocesan Convention. I was on the board of Oasis/California for six years, the last three as vice-president. I have also been editor (first by myself, and now for the past several years with someone else) of my parish newspaper. Despite this, I feel empty. I just don’t feel like I am making a difference. I would like to more engaged in the whole world.

Six years ago I founded an international group for lgbt Anglicans, which has a fairly active internet list serve. I was on the board of directors of the SF LGBT Pride Celebration committee, and continue to volunteer each year for that event. I also volunteered the past two years for the Episcopal Charities Walk-a-thon and raised money through my participation in both that event and also AIDS Walk SF. Still, I don’t feel I am doing nearly enough.

Am I giving all that I have? Do I still have time or talent that I can offer? Am I able to donate money? What can I do that will really be of help and benefit to others? Giving requires the highest standard of personal discipline. It is not a casual or occasional thing. In Saint Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians (v 8-9), he tells us we are to give willingly, generously, and cheerfully. That seems pretty easy, but yet I feel like I can - and should, do more. (Blessed Paul also reminds us that Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive).

I know that many of you are probably givers, so I invite your comments and suggestions. I will also continue to pray that God will show the pathway more clearly and that I will give back in a way that truly is beneficial to my sisters and brothers and to the Kingdom of Heaven. I bid your prayers as well.

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