Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A bit of a health scare

I have been in a bit of physical discomfort the past few days. It really was nothing that I would normally blog about. At first I just thought it was something I ate - no big deal. Sundayafter church it was feeling worse and so in the middle of the afternoon, I was in bed. Yesterday I felt better when I arose and so figured it was past. Then it hit again, and harder - MUCH HARDER. The pain in my stomach was so bad it felt like I was giving birth. Off to the hospital I went. Well it was not my appendex as I (and the advise nurse on the telephone)had feared. Seems to be a kidney stone or two - very hard to see on the CT. They seem quite small and should be easily passed (at least the doctor said so). There was also a small "growth" on my liver. That doesn't seem to be to be bad either. Am having an ultrasound tomorrow to check it out further. Anyway, the discomfort is less right now than yesterday or earlier today and I sould be as good as new by week's end.

The picture, for those of you who notice such things is of Kaiser Permanente here in San Francisco, where I went for this treatment. EXCELLENT! The nurses and doctors and everyone was so professional and they really helped ease my worry. If you have to be sick, this is the place to go!

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