Sunday, February 15, 2009

More bits and pieces

Today is a sort of “this and that” day. I have so many bits and pieces and they really don’t seem to fall under any category. I was going to do an amazing puzzle here today (it’s fun - you have to find the books of the Bible hidden in my text), but that’s a bit long, so I think I will do it tomorrow by itself. (Something to look forward to).

Speaking of puzzles, I have run a few quizzes here in the past - one fairly recently on The Episcopal Church. Did any of you take the quiz? How did you do? Want some more of them?

I have learned in the past few days that at least two different people whom I know personally read this regularly! WOW! I had actually begun thinking that nobody I know reads it. Anyway, do please feel free to add your comments here, and thanks \reading! Thanks also to the person who signed up to sponsor me within hours of my post last week about registering again for AIDS Walk SF. (And yes of course you can still donate - there are still five months to go! My personal fundraising page is at

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and in addition to my usual Valentine from my mom, I also received one from a friend, and it really made my day! It’s amazing how little acts of kindness can really make a difference. I was also thinking of that last night with my Franciscan friends as I participated in the mass at the Friary and ate dinner with them. There was so much love in that house.

I am so blessed !

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