Tuesday, February 10, 2009

M - O - M

I had a nice telephone conversation with my mom last night. We talk all the time, so that isn’t news. We talked about our camp experiences though, so it kept with the theme I have had here these past few days. (The director or the camp here recently visited my mom’s diocesan camp there in Arizona, too – another connection). At her camp they do a week at the end of each summer for senior citizens. This year, at the age of 82, she will be going for her third time.

I saw a guy buying candy and a card with hearts all over it – a very feminine and fancy one. I said to him, I’ll bet your wife will be pleased. He replied, “I’m not married. This is for my mom.” A Valentine from my mom has already arrived for me in the mail. (Most likely it will be the only one I receive).

What have you done for your mom lately? Don’t forget her on Valentine’s Day!

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