Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: I am still a second class citizen!

THE CALIFORNIA SUPREME COURT HAS JUST ANNOUNCED THAT I CONTINUE TO BE A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN! That isn't exactly the wording they used of course. What happened was they affirmed Proposition 8 - Same-sex marriage in California is prohibited by the state's constitution, though existing same-sex marriages solemnized before the passage of Prop 8 will continue to be valid.

I urge you to participate in your local Day of Decision events this evening, and invite everyone you know to do the same. A fairly comprehensive list of events all over the country can be found at http://www.dayofdecision.com/#cities. I am not sure if Lt. Choi is attending any of these events or if his partner Matthew is in California with him. Lt. Choi is expected to participate in two events this weekend: in Fresno on Saturday and Orange County on Sunday. Both are general gay rights events, not DADT specific (but will no doubt have a large Prop 8 color in the wake of today's decision).

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