Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today on the corner where I work there was screaming - loud almost violent screaming. The person was saying "Repent! Read your Bibles! Don't go to hell with Gavin Newsom!" (Newsom is San Francisco's Mayor). The man would look directly at someone nearby and scream "Two men cannot marry! Two women cannot marry! Jesus only wants a man and a woman to marry!" At about this point he would shout a few more things and then repeat the entire message. Someone recognized the screamer and said he regularly does it on Market Street.

This is not the first person to say that Jesus does not want same-sex couples. He will most likely not be the last either. My problem with this is that of course Jesus did not say this. This is nothing from Jesus about same-sex unions anywhere in Scripture!

"Read your Bibles!" Perhaps that is what we should be shouting to them. One central theme in The Bible is love. I pray that the day will come when all truly can love!

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