Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God Will Provide!

Some days are not as good as we would like. There are times when we just might want to give up. Dear friends, I have had a lot of days like those lately! Today was one of them. In the mail came a notice from the IRS that an error had been made in my 2007 tax return and that I owe $700 plus interest! As if that is not bad enough, my job is not what it used to be. I took a cut in pay a few months ago. I'm trying to save up some money so I can do something wonderful for my mom. Oh yeah and this cute kitty that I used to take care of occasionally is near death. Not a good day!

But here's what keeps me going: God

No matter how bad my day is - no matter what problems I may encounter, I simply remember that God will provide. God is always with me and all things are possible with God!

Think about it. Never give up folks. There is always reason to go forward. God is with us.

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