Saturday, May 16, 2009

I hate the word goodbye

Sylvia Chacon. In San Francisco, everyone knows her. (pictured at the right) She has had quite a run on local radio. I wish I could say I listed to her every day, but her latest gig has been middays, and I'm busy working then. I rarely get to listen to Sylvia. Now I can't listen to her at all. Clear Channel has let her go. (An additional sad thing about this is the station is not going to have any of its own live talent, except for the morning program).

I can tell you that besides being a fine radio personality, Sylvia is also a great person. I know this for certain, because among the many things I have seen her do, she has also been a sponsor of mine in AIDS Walk.

Sylvia has been the midday DJ at Star 101 since 2004. Before that she had been at KFRC.

I won't say goodbye. I hate the word goodbye. Still I will miss hearing her voice and seeing her smiling face. Hopefully she'll have another Bay Area gig lined up real soon!

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