Thursday, May 07, 2009

On the road to Kingman

On the road to Kingman - sounds like a Bob Hope movie (and don't you dare say who is Bob Hope!) or a story from the Bible. Actually it's what I will be doing next month. Well actually I will be in the air flying to Vegas and there my mom and my sister will meet me and will also meet (in a seperate flight), my aunt. The four of us will then have our annual time together. Last year it was here in San Francisco. This year it was going to be in Florida where my aunt lives, but airfare was way high when we were originally making plans.

Anyway, we settled on again going to where my mom and sister are. Now, it still several weeks off, but I mention it because there might be a break in my posting here. (It will depend on computer availability). I'll let you know though.

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