Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What's wrong with Latin?

The picture to the right is the very same one I used on my first blog entry here last August when I spoke of the twice monthly Latin Chant mass at my parish church. We did one of those masses a few days ago and will do another one again on the 16th of this month. (That first post closed with these words "We will be doing it tonight at 5pm at 261 Fell Street and on the first and third Saturdays of every month, so if you're in the San Francisco area, look us up!")

Would you believe that a simple post like that would make people cry and others pound their fists? In an internet group I began several years ago for lgbt Christians, there was mention of Latin a few days ago and you would have thought the sky had opened up! There was fighting for days (both in the group and in private emails back and forth and some to me saying stop the madness!).

Is Latin a bad thing? Is anything that helps one concentrate on our Lord Jesus Christ and to meditate on Him and offer worship, is anything that aids in this bad? Please let me know why Latin fires people up so much.

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