Monday, June 01, 2009

DAY 15: DADT Update

When the President of the United States writes a personal handwritten note to someone, it would seem to be a hopeful sign. The note pictured here though has been the only move we have seen so far from the President. I can only hope that with the start of a new month today, we will also see the start of action by The White House!

Former President William Jefferson Clinton weighed into the debate on Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell this past week making him the highest ranking person in the country to speak out on this subject. It was under Clinton’s leadership that the policy known as DADT was implemented. He did so, he says, as an attempt to repeal the old policy concerning homosexuality in the military. Prior to DADT, even the suspicion of someone being homosexual was enough to earn them a dishonorable discharge, and prior to that policy being implemented in 1943, anyone caught engaging in homosexual behavior earned a dishonorable discharge. That policy dated to the founding of the Continental Army.

I should also point out that Bill Clinton was also the one who signed the Defense of Marriage Act. DOMA prevents each state from recognizing any marriage equality laws passed by other states as well as preventing the Federal government from recognizing these marriages.

Clinton now thinks it is time to end DADT. He stated that his views on the subject are evolving as he gets to know many dedicated same-sex couples who hare raising children of their own.
This is one reason why I keep urging folks to be visible. Come out! Be honest. When people get to know us, they realize we are human. We deserve to be treated fairly. Also, talk to people. Share your views. Listen to others and respond. Communications is very important in changing people’s minds! Keep on communicating!

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