Friday, June 26, 2009

DAY 40: DADT Update

While this blog used to be about me, it no longer is. It is about seeing an end to DADT. It is also not about Daniel Choi. We mention him of course because he has become a symbol of the fight. He is a man who is being kicked out of the military, although enormously qualified, simply because he admitted being gay.

I want to mention that Dan will be in San Francisco this weekend to be one of the Grand Marshalls in the annual LGBT Pride Celebration Parade on Sunday morning. Members and allies of Knights Out will be marching with him. If you are in the SF Bay Area, come on by and show your support! (More information on the parade is at and more information about Knights Out can be found at - Knights Out is an organization of OUT LGBT West Point Alumni, along with their Straight West Point Alumni, Staff, and Faculty counterparts, who are united in supporting the rights of LGBT soldiers to openly serve their country).

I also want to remind you to write those letters of support. The hearing is next Tuesday. There is more on that on the Knights Out site also.

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