Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DAY 37: DADT Update

You can help Lt. Choi in another way. As most of you know, next Tuesday the Army National Guard will decide to discharge him (fire him from his job) based solely on his truthful statement that he is gay and that he chose to stand trial so he could fight to stay in the service. This happens at the Thompson Road Armory in Syracuse, NY beginning at 8am next Tueday the 30th of June. Send a letter to them and show your personal support.

You can get more information about this and other ideas of how you can help on his website at http://www.ltdanchoi.com/ I have been saying all along that we can all make a difference. Write a letter. Get your friends to write too! In addition, don't just tell the military they need to keep him, also tell the President!

This is just a week from now, so don't wait! I'll keep you posted.

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