Monday, June 15, 2009

DAY 29: DADT Update

Yesterday I asked if anyone read this. Well someone does, but apparently isn't happy that I don't talk about a variety of topics. He commented on my Saturday post "Its a shame this has become a one-issue blog. I rarely read it anymore." He didn't indicate if he was troubled by the issue, just that there was only one issue.

Well folks, ending the "Don't Ask/Don't Tell poilcy is important! It is something we should all be talking about! Yes, there are other things happening, but most of them are getting attention. (And yes, I know that DADT is getting some attention in other places as well, but I want to keep the spotlight). I'm sorry one of my readers rarely reads this anymore, but I hope he doesn't disappear all together!

Anthony Woods is running for Congress! Who, you ask? Well Anthony is not someone you might have heard of, but I would guess that I will be posting about him here for some time. Raised by a single mother, he went on to serve his country in two tours in Iraq, receive an education at Harvard and a Master's degree from the Kennedy School of Government. He was a co-recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy Public Service Award and organized missions to help rebuild hurricane-ravaged New Orleans. He also spent a summer biking across the country to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Oh yeah and one more thing: He was kicked out of the military because he is gay! Woods wanted to serve his country on a third tour of Iraq, but then the old DADT reared its ugly head. Are you convinced yet that it should be ended?

Stay tuned!

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