Monday, June 22, 2009

DAY 36: DADT Update

I'm in Arizona and besides having a good time, I've been looking at a lot of history. In one place I visited, there were tons of old newspapers and magazines. One of them was of a TIME issue that I actually remembered. The cover story was about Leonard Matlovich. (This folks was way before DADT).

Technical Sergeant Leonard Matlovich (1943–1988) was a Vietnam War veteran, race relations instructor, and recipient of the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. He was also perhaps the best known openly gay man in the US back in the 1970s. His fight to stay in the US Air Force after deciding not to hide and to come of the closet became a cause around which the gay community rallied. Some of you who were alive back then might even remember the television movie.

The above picture is from the September 8, 1975 issue of TIME magazine. Since his death he has been honored several times and to many in our military he too is a symbol of pride.

As we continue to look for an end to DADT, let us remember all who were booted from the military as a result of this policy and all those who were kicked out for being gay, even before then.

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