Thursday, June 25, 2009

DAY 39: DADT Update

If you have just begun reading this let me fill you in on what I am doing here. DADT stands for Don't Ask/Don't Tell and it is the ridiculous policy that ends the careers of gay men and women in the US military. Although I have always fought for social justice for ALL people, I never spent a particularly large amount of time on DADT. This blog was always different and I spoke here of many different things. Thirty nine days ago that all changed. After having heard about Lt. Daniel Choi, I was inspired to read more and then I was inspired to write. I do that every single day now. If you want to keep up to date here, you might want to become a follower.

The document above is the first page of the action against Lt. Choi that will be heard next Tuesday. You can find out more by reading back through some of the past entries here in this blog. You can also go to the website that Lt. Choi just began a few days ago at

What else can you do? Tell your friends and your family how you feel. Write letters. Leave comments here. Ideas? Let us hear them too!

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