Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Church where everyone is welcome!

It seems I talk about many things here, but today I want to talk about something very dear to me Saint Savior's Church, a small local congregation that serves as the Cathedral Community for the Inclusive Celtic Church. (Oh and by the way, I did not ask them if I might post this here, but I really felt called to do so).

They are an Independent and Inclusive Church that worships in adapted forms and contemporary expressions of the Celtic Traditions. Their liturgy is framed by the forms found in the Book of Common Prayer, The Iona Abbey Worship Book and the Celtic primer by Brendan O'Malley. They have combined these as well as other resources and now have their own Manual of Worship. They strive to use inclusive language in all their liturgies. They are not affiliated in any way with the ECUSA or the World-wide Anglican Communion, but rather are part of a movement often referred to as the Independent Sacramental Movement. They are warm and friendly and I have always been moved by their liturgies, their welcoming community, and the love they have shown to me and all who enter their doors. They meet for their services at Saint Francis Lutheran Church, 152 Church Street (across from the Market St. Safeway) in San Francisco.

I have been friends with Bishop Rusty Clyma and Archdeacon, George McCauslan for a number of years and could have written this just about any time, but this coming Sunday is an extra special day for them and so I decided that I really should say something now. Of course you are always welcome there and I know they would be happy to tell you more about their community of faith too.

Sunday, November 23rd, Saint Savior's Day (Christ the King Sunday) is their Patronal Feast and the sixth anniversary of Saint Savior's Parish. There will be a Festal Eucharist beginning at 5:30pm at Saint Francis Lutheran Church (where Saint Savior regularly meets) - 152 Church Street, San Francisco. I do hope you can come!

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