Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lance the Champ!

This is it. Tonight is the night. He’s not the most technically proficient dancer on DWTS, but he gets better each time out and he is ALWAYS entertaining. I really cannot honestly say that about any others. Lance and Lacey always bring something new and fresh to the dance floor
and I will miss them. Tonight they dance for the last time and then the results will be announced.
I cannot ask you to vote - too late for that. It is down to the judges and a hope that enough viewers voted for the Lance/Lacey team (I certainly did). It all happens on abc-tv tonight.
Regardless of what happens, Lance Bass is a champ. I mean that. I have posted about him numerous times here (and no, I am not a stalker, but I would say I am more than a fan). To me Lance is not just a good performer, he is a good person - the kind of guy you would want as a role model.

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