Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More on yesterday's election

First it was tv and then radio and the computer and then I just went out into the midst of it all. WOW! What a day and what a night! I am amazed that I am awake and getting ready to actually work. Seems I really didn't get that much sleep. Anyway, yesterday certainly was a history making election in the US (mostly for the good, but not in every respect - you can decide which is which).

As I write this it is very early on Wednesday, the day after American voted, and many races are still too close to call. You can see some results HERE and also HERE if you are interested in up to the minute returns. The thing that really bugs be right now is that farm animals now have more rights than I do with the passing of the Farm Animal's Rights Proposition (2) and the passing of Prop 8 banning Gay Marriage. (Some are still saying it's too close to call, but it is ahead and has been most of the night). Once again my faithful readers, I am legally considered a second class citizen.

Oh and in Massachusetts (the first state to allow gay marriage), which Independent Ralph Nader said was his best state, he won just 0.9 percent of the vote to Democrat Barack Obama's 61.6 percent and Republican John McCain's 36.7 percent. Libertarian Bob Barr won just 0.4 percent there. My point is that this really is just a two-party system and the "other" candidates really didn't impact this year's race.

So what do YOU think of yesterday's vote??

oh yes and a very happy birthday to my sister today!

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