Saturday, March 21, 2009

All about me

This post is almost all about me. First, something about Thursday's entry. Saint Joseph is important to Christians. This is why we have a feast day for him in the church. This is why I made mention of him in a post. The phrase Thank goodness for Saint Joseph was in my head for some reason. I thought it was catchy and summed up what I was trying to say. Last night someone jogged my memory when they told it the line had been used in an asprin commercial. YIKES! The chaste spouse of Blessed Mary was not being compared to a household product by me - really! My apologies nonetheless.

Now I guess I have to say something about the above picture. It is of me last year when I injured my knee. I'm fine now. I just had the picture handy and thought I would use it here. (Golly, am I thinking clearly this week??)

In a couple of hours I will go and prepare service sheets for Stations of the Cross. We're taking to the streets with that too! (In addition to the mass I told you about yesterday). Stations of the Cross will be outdoors though, not in another church building.

Didn't I say I was going to write all about me? Not enough time left. Maybe tomorrow - or some time soon.

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