Monday, March 30, 2009

Does Lent last forever?

Forty days and forty nights – that is how long this season is supposed to be. We are of course reminded of this when we sing the popular hymn. Another one begins “The glory of these forty days, we celebrate with songs of praise.” Doesn’t it seem like it has already been forty days though?

In the church calendar, this is probably my least favorite time. It hasn’t always been that way. I think when I am busier with the work of Lent – the study groups Stations of the Cross and fish fries and extra services and all of the deprivation and penitence, then it seems to go faster. This year has been different for me though. It seems like Lent is going on forever. We still have a week to go before Palm Sunday!

Still I have hope. (It seems I ALWAYS have hope, no matter what the subject). After all we are an Easter people. We know that after this Lenten season finally comes to an end, there is always the Resurrection! I guess I should just look at Lent as a doorway to new life. Then with a truly thankful heart I can approach Easter with all of its joys.

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