Friday, March 13, 2009

A bit of houskeeping

Today I do a bit of housekeeping. So many little things to write about! The quiz results from Wednesday are here today (at the bottom) as promised.

Last Sunday I wrote about music and got a rare comment: "I love it when people's singing reflects the nature of what they're singing. Amazing Grace has EXCLAMATION POINTS if you sing it like it's real! Same with the other songs in church - it's crazy to me when people sing songs about salvation and redemption and restoration and joy... but sound like they're mourning. Don't get me wrong, I love some reverence, too. But I think the folk services you were referring to must've been pretty cool. :)"

Dear reader, I do so agree! In fact (and I added this to the reader's comment) Scripture says "make a joyful noise," yet sometimes as you say, we seem to be in mourning. As I wrote on both Sunday and Monday, music can really touch you - it did me. And yes folks, it is okay to be joyful in church!

Yesterday I went to Grace Cathedral for Evensong - talk about beautiful music! WOW!

A friend of mine just started a new blog, The Silence of the Word. Check it out!

Now those quiz results, and if you like the quiz, share it with a friend!

answers to the 14 questions
1. the rocks
2. Jesus wept bitterly
3. a rooster would crow twice
4. Caiaphas
5. Caesar
6. Blasphemy
7. Barabbas
8. Simon the Cyrenian
9. Golgotha
10. the moon turned red
11. Joseph of Arimathea
12. His disciples stole the body at night
13. Mary Magdalene
14. Thomas

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