Sunday, March 29, 2009

Money Makes the World Go Round (or being flat broke sucks)

Jeepers it sucks not having any money (or having very little). Ever notice how hard it is to do things without money. Your friends are going out for brunch or to see a movie or any number of other things and you would happily join them, but just can't afford it. This past week has really sucked!

I have been sick on and off – part of this is flu-like symptoms and part more like a bad cold. It hasn’t felt good though and I even took a day off from work. Yes, I get sick pay, but I have actually used all of my sick days, having been sick so often in the past six months!

Of course being flat broke means worrying more than you should and that is also bad for your health. I am on such a tight budget that I can’t even afford a pair of new shoes.

I felt useful this past week at my church (it really wasn’t a big deal – I helped produce two service bulletins, and also wrote some items for our parish newspaper, of which I am an editor, and I invited a ton of people to a special service and was delighted to see about a dozen of them show up). I seldom really feel useful at my church any more, so I am grateful for this feeling now. I wish I could give some money – that would really make me feel good!

I have been very concerned about my mother. At 82, her eyes are failing, and the surgery she is having in a month might not fully correct the problems. She also has leukemia and there have been many problems associated with it. I worry about her and am grateful that she has friends near her as well as my sister. Still, I wish I could do more. I’d like to visit more often (costly) and I’d really like to be able to spend some money on her. I have often thought about winning the lottery and then sending her on a cruise ship somewhere.

I don’t really mind not having much, it is the not having anything at all that is hard. Every month I get to a point where I have a day or two with nothing in my pocket and that is pretty scary. I can only imagine how hard it is for those who have lost their job or their home.

May God protect us all from our poverty and may God give us the strength to endure.

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