Monday, October 20, 2008

All Things Anglican

I have a few links here on my blog, and occasionally I mention a website that caught my eye. Today I want to devote everything I write to someone else’s site: Rev. Rebecca's Explanation & Guide to All Things Anglican. (The picture at the right by the way I stole from her too).

I just wrote something for my parish newsletter, and wish I had found this site before I began writing! It’s great! If you are a newcomer to church it answers a lot of questions. If you are an old pro, it will still probably teach you a thing or two! Click HERE to experience her site.

Here are some of the topics discussed: the Altar, The use of Anointing Oil, The use of Bells, The Act of Blessing People and Objects, The Use of the Creeds, The Use of Holy Water, The Use of Images, and Membership: Confirmation & Reception. Also The Use of Incense, Ordination, The Passing of the Peace , Processions, Saints, and Making the Sign of the Cross.

It is very interesting! Again, that’s

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