Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why don't you go google yourself?

Why don’t you google yourself? (Actually should I capitalize the word google?) You all know what google is don’t you? If it isn’t the most used search engine on the internet, it should be. Anyway, if you have a second, type in your name and see what happens.

I just typed Results "michael fullam" using the quotation marks and got 661 hits. If I remove the quotation marks, the result is enormous – 67,100! I tried an image search too. There were lots of pictures but none of me, although a few of them related to me. Most of the references I found were to other Michael Fullams, but it was fun to learn that there are apparently several of us. There were also several mentions of things I have been involved with. I googled my mom too. There were four hits. Three of them were for another women entirely. One was something that I had written about my mom! WOW!

Try googling your friends or relatives too. It’s amazing what you might find. Remember though that there may be multiple people with the same name. Don’t jump to conclusions! I also use google to search the Bible when I am writing sermons or to search for Biblical images if I want to illustrate bulletins.

Whatever did we do without google?


Anonymous said...

Are you a pastor of a church?

Michael + said...

I could answer anonymous by saying we are all pastors, but in the sense I guess the question is being asked, the most accurate answer would be no. I am a servant of our Lord and as such assist priests in their various ministries. Occasionally I am able to preach the Word of God, but mostly I serve and hopefully show the way by how I live. I REAL pastor can be found at which you may recognize as one of the links from my own blog.