Monday, October 27, 2008

Visit to a very warm church

Yesterday I had the pleasant opportunity to visit a very warm and friendly church where a friend of mine went to preach. Her sermon was very nice, but that was no surprise. I already knew she preaches well. The really nice thing was seeing how alive this parish is. (By the way, the stained glass window to the left here is over their high altar).

They have daily services - Morning Prayer each weekday morning and Evening Prayer every weekday night. They have two Sunday eucharists and an additional one midweek. Worship is not all they do though. I was delight to see they are busy disbursing donated food, holding blood drives, contributing funds, undertaking a thirty-hour famine, sewing or knitting clothing for overseas missions, holding fundraisers like their upcoming bazear, and providing opportunities for youth to sing, to learn and to participate in their church and their community. They have tons of organizations within the parish.

I enjoyed the service and I really liked the friendliness at coffee hour afterward. If it was closer, I would even consider making it my regular parish. (That folks is a really big compliment).

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