Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sun Sets on the Election

I really can hardly wait for the sun to set on this year's election. Of all the races though, the one I am watching the most closely, is the hate proposition - the one that would eliminate rights for a whole group of people. The fight over California's Proposition 8 has become one of the most expensive campaigns in the country, by the way and it is second only to the presidential race!

Groups on both sides of the issue have thrown millions into the race. Supporters include Focus on the Family, the Knights of Columbus and members of the Mormon church. Opponents include Hollywood celebrity donors like Brad Pitt, Stephen Spielberg and Ellen DeGeneres. At least one prominent evangelical has been quoted as saying that the Proposition 8 campaign is more important than the presidential race. Indeed that may be true, but not for the reason he is probably thinking.

Many Christians believe that Scripture prohibits homosexuality (it does not). If gay marriage is allowed to stand, some evangelicals suggest, it would force churches to marry gays, force schools to teach gay marriage, settling off a snowball effect and opening the door to pedophilia and bestiality. Is this some kind of dream world they are in? What does one have to do with the other? pedophilia and bestiality are more likely to be committed by heterosexuals! There are statistics to back this up.

The important thing here though is what does Prop 8 do? The answer is that it does one thing only - it takes away the right of Californianas to marry others of the same sex. It does nothing else! Do you really think an entire group of people should have a right taken away?

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