Friday, October 03, 2008

A whole sack full of "stuff"

Today I have a lot of things to say, mostly unrelated so let's right to all this "stuff."

First of all, does anyone have a clue where this stained glass window (to the right) can be found? This isn't a quiz - I don't know the answer. I like the window though and it looks rather large. Someday it would be nice to see it up close.

Tomorrow is Saint Francis Day and there will be animal blessings at my church. If you know me, you probably also know where the church is, so come if you can.

Next Sunday is the Episcopal Charities Walk-a-thon in which I am participating. So far despite many efforts, I have only two sponsors (one of them, my mom), so could really use your help. This is a really good cause folks and if you can make a donation, just click HERE. You can also find out more about Episcopal Charities by clicking HERE. Thanks!

Summer appears to be over. Sprinkles came our way last night and actual rain is forecast for tonight and into tomorrow morning, possibly even raining on the animals being blessed (see above).

The classic Hitchcock film Vertigo will be shown tomorrow night at Union Square here in San Francisco beginning at dust (8ish). If you saw the Jennifer Lopez movie The Wedding Planner, you caught a few glimpses of the San Francisco tradition of showing great films outside on the side of buildings and in parks. What a way to see a film!

Finally I want to know why so many people have become "me" centered. We are all important! Look out for your neighbors and for the stranger you meet on the street. Life isn't just about us as individuals! If is for us all!

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