Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lance and Prop 8

Lance Bass, a former member 'N Sync, is one of the breakout stars in the current season of Dancing With the Stars, and I have certainly mentioned him here several times. Last night he was kept in the running once again (and by the way folks, VOTE FOR HIM! he's good!). Anyway, in an interview in today's San Francisco Chronicle, he is asked if he has been campaigning against Proposition 8 (which I have also mentioned here several times. Here is his answer:

Yes, I have. It's a major step in our lives. I think it's so important to get the word out and vote no on Proposition 8. I have been hosting local barbecues for the community and that kind of stuff, putting up the signs and talking about it online. If that gets overturned it's going to be the start of something really bad.

You can do your part too! Help Lance and help me and help all who want fairness and justice. VOTE NO ON 8 - and spread the word!

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