Tuesday, September 09, 2008

All the news that fits we print

Apparently someone does read this blog! After yesterday's entry about service to God, I received an email reminding me that I have something to do with my parish newspaper. Actually, I have been very blessed to be sometime editor of that paper (which you can read by clicking HERE, should you be interested) for the past five years. I'm not sure though that it is a service to God. It is a labor of love. Most of the time I wish I could write more and that we could print more pages and that more people read it. (Like this blog, I always get the feeling that it is a writing exercise for me, but that it really doesn't reach many folks, despite the 150 hard copies we print and that it is also available online in full color. My mom reads it though, so that should be enough to make a guy happy). Anyway is writing and editing a church newspaper service to God? It seems I am still where I was yesterday. I want to do more - much more. What is the answer? Show me a sign Lord. Lead me to the answer.

Oh and a little postscript, if any of you have a burning desire to be published, there is always a little room left for a poem or a refelction of even a great sermon. Do feel free to send these my way!

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