Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lance the dancer

The first openly gay contestant on abc’s Dancing With the Stars has no problems about dancing with a man in public, but he doesn’t think the show is the right time to do it. I read that on E! Online where he also said that he doesn’t want to the fact that he’s gay to overshadow the show, but does think it’s important to represent the gay community well. Indeed. Does anyone really think he could do otherwise?

Lance is one of the finest people to come along in a long time. I wish him well in all that he does, and I will certainly be watching tomorrow night as the new season of DWTS premeires. Now I will be fair and if his dancing is awful (any chance of that??), he won't get my votes, but he will always have my support for being such a great role model. Good luck Lance! (I know it is traditional to say break a leg, but should one say that to a dancer)?

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