Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wall Street Lays Another Egg?

Probably nobody reading this is old enough to recall the banner headline WALL STREET LAYS AN EGG. This certainly was not as bad a week as that (although the week is not over), but this has been a tough week financially!

Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, the largest ever in the United States. Investor concerns turn next to American International Group Inc., a giant insurance company, after a plunge in that company's stock and downgrades to its debt by credit ratings agencies who say the slumping housing market could further undermine its finances. The U.S. government announced an $85 billion emergency loan to rescue AIG, saying a disorderly failure of the company could further disrupt already delicate financial markets and the economy. The Securities and Exchange Commission bans some aggressive forms of short-selling. Stocks have been up and down (mostly down) all week. The Federal Reserve and central banks in Europe and Asia pump up to $180 billion into money markets in a bid to free up a lending freeze between banks. Markets rally on hopes for a broader government rescue package.

Pray my brothers and sisters for the strength to endure all of this and that the leaders will help us find a way to a more stable economy! We sure don't need any more egg laying!

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