Thursday, September 04, 2008

And now a message from our sponsor

If you look in on my blog with any regularity, you find me talking about Jesus or about social justice, or sometimes about me. I really never expected to do a commercial, but I have had such a great experience that I simply must share it.

The Belgian fries at a place called frijtz are great and the many different dipping sauces (including everything from basic catsup to red pepper mayo and artichoke ketchup) quite amazing. There are sandwiches and salads are (named after artists) and some really yummy crepes. This is just part of the menu, but I am not writing to share all that they serve. I'm writing to tell you about the service. AMAZING! I have been there several times and it has always been good, but last week I went with family and it was especially good - so much so that I wrote a review at an online site. Well, the owner sent me a message of thanks! Imagine that, an owner who cares about his business and about his customers!

The price is right, the location is convenient (Hayes Street in San Francisco), and the food is delicious, but the big thing - a really big thing indeed, is that wonderful service you get at frijtz. Check them out!

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Hope we can go there again soon!